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Fjallagarpar ehf. is founded in 2010 by locals Íris Ósk Kristjánsdóttir and Guðmundur Helgi Önundarson.

Our love of the outdoors and endless search for new adventures.

Fjallagarpar is a small family owned tour operator in Iceland.

Fjallagarpar Mountaineers



The story begins 1970s with Guðmundar (Gummi) traveling to the mountains with his father Önundur as an Icelandic boy in Árbær in Reykjavík to discover Iceland’s nature and resources outside the city limits.


Mountain hiking and passion for Iceland’s nature drew him to acquire equipment and cars to get to this freedom that the outdoors gave. In his early twenties, Gummi started guiding on hikes, sea kayaks and river rafting, and that’s when the passion began for real.


A few years later, Gummi and Íris meet and found love for each other and the nature of Iceland. Gummi and Íris started to travel as a family with four children on the mountains and valleys of Iceland. All our free time was characterized by traveling around our country. Love of nature drove us to travel, whether it was mountain hiking or modifying jeeps and driving through the highlands of Iceland.


The hard working farmer families of Íris and Gummi have their roots in the north of Tröllaskagi (Troll peninsula) and Fjörður, and between them is Eyjafjörður in Iceland that combines these two families.


Íris’s family comes from Ytri-Á on Kleifar Ólafsfjörður on the Tröllaskagi in Iceland, where Íris’s grandfather worked for the estate by fishing for sharks on an open rowboat from Skagafjörður.


Gummi’s family comes from Hól in Þorgeirsfjörður in Fjörður Iceland, where his grandmother lived in a sod farm in a remote fjord, farming was hard and based on livestock and fishing in open rowboats.

Where to find us

It is easy to find us, as we are at the gateway to Iceland Keflavík (KEF Airport) our base is in a small gray house by road 1. where the big Super jeeps are.

It is our real pleasure to welcome you when you come to Iceland and show you our country Iceland and escort you back home.

Let’s go out with the local guides!


Drivers and guides

Gummi Fjallagarpur



Owner & Driver Guide

Gummi was born in 1967 in the small town of Neskaupstað in the east of Iceland’s fjords. He has a lot of experience and knowledge as a guide and driver in the wilderness of Iceland.


He has been a member of ICE-SAR (Landsbjörg’s Icelandic search and rescue team) since 1994. Gummi has an education in mountaineering and navigation along with Wilderness First Responder.



Owner & Driver Guide

Íris was born in 1977 in Keflavík, Reykjanes, Iceland.


She has a lot of experience as a guide and as a driver, has a unique sense of balance and likes to talk to people.


Iris has a bachelor’s degree in Construction architecture.

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